The Polski Owczarek Nizinnys Database Membership Options

Our Membership Options work modular.
First level (free) permissions are User, Moderator and Administrator. Moderators and Administrators are permitted to add/edit/delete dogs/persons/shows/field trails - Moderators only their own entries, Administrators all entries.
Second level permissions grant access to considerably more functions, such as unlimited scrolling within pedigrees, Pedigree Analysis, Inbreeding, Vertical and Reverse Pedigree, save dogs as Favorites, add private notes to any dog, Ancestor and Descendants lists and more...
For details see tables below please!

First Level

Visitor Registered User Moderator Administrator
  • Fast Search
  • Search dogs by standard parameters
  • Browse dogs and persons
  • Display Pedigrees up to 5 generations
  • Display Siblings and Offspring
  • Like, Share and Comment any dog in Social Media
  • English Setter Results of some EDS, WDS
  • National Field Trial Championship Complete Summary from 1896-current
All features of Visitors +

  • User profile with personal settings and optional picture
  • Exchange personal messages with others
  • See new and updated entries
  • All Breeder and Owner Info
  • Testmating
  • Statistics
  • Search dog by date of birth or health results
  • View all Show Results
  • Printable version of pedigree
  • HTML code with/without pictures of pedigree
  • View all Field Trial Results
All features of Registered Users +

  • Add dog, Litter, Person, Show and Field Trial
  • Update and Delete own entries
  • Upload 1 photo per dog
  • Statistics User Entries
All features of Moderators +

  • Delete and edit any dog, person, Show and Field Trial
  • Inline editing in most tables
  • Inline editing of new and updated entries
  • Search Dog by Database ID
  • Search Orphans
  • Table View of Pedigree for easy editing
  • Studbook Lists - dogs are sorted by their Reg# (AKC, CKC, CLP, FDSB, LOSH,...)
  • Toolbox
You can register here! Please send me an email or a Personal Message if you want to add dogs to the database! Moderators who have proven over the time to work meticulously will be promoted by me to Administrators.

The second level permissions remain reserved to those who contribute continuously. Contributions include donations, material sent to me or adding dogs.
All those who have donated in the past have access to COI no matter their other permissions.

Second Level

Silver User Gold User
  • No Google Ads
  • Display Pedigrees up to 10 generations
  • Unlimited scrolling within pedigree generations
  • Display Inbreeding, Vertical and Reverse Pedigree, Detailed Breeding Info, Mating Partners, Show and Field Trial Results
  • Add dogs to your personal favorites
  • Add private notes to any dog
  • Pedigree analysis including COI up to 10 generations
  • Ancestors and descendants up to 8 generations
  • View Health Reports
All features of Silver Users +

  • Get email notifications when your favorite dog's details are edited
  • Free Entry in Breeder Directory
  • Free Stud Dog, Litter, Available and Photo Ads
  • Studbook Lists - dogs are sorted by their Reg# (AKC, CKC, CLP, FDSB, LOSH,...)
  • List ALL Ancestors and descendants of a certain dog
  • List ALL "orphaned" ancestors of a certain dog
  • List ALL Ancestors Sire Line
  • List ALL Ancestors Mother Daughter Line
  • Search Dogs excluding a certain Sire or Dam in Ancestors
  • Added more dogs than the average Moderator OR
  • Donated material (studbooks, books,...) OR
  • Being available as contact person for The Polski Owczarek Nizinnys Database OR
  • Paying regularly for Stud Dog, Litter, Available and Photo Ads OR
  • Paying regularly for Entry in the Breeder Directory OR
  • Donating yearly $20.00 - $49.00
  • Added more than 1000 dogs OR
  • Donated voluminous material (studbooks, books,...) OR
  • Donating yearly $50.00 or more
  • Ownership of dog with the most Likes in our Facebook Likes Contest

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